Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Samaritan Rescue Kitten Update by Shann Ikezawa, DVM

Our little stray kitten, now named "Lucas", has been doing well in the care of our good Samaritan client. He has had a few ups and downs, including an episode of weakness, but overall is starting to show improvement and signs of normal kitten behavior. He is down to 2 medications daily and has been able to defecate on his own. We are in the process of fine tuning medications and evaluating for congenital problems. During his check up today, he spent most of his time purring and a small amount of time yelling and complaining as I palpated his abdomen... pretty typical of an opinionated feline! He has failed to gain weight properly, which is concerning, but is strong enough to manage escape. His owner reports that he broke out of his pen last night and climbed up a chair. He was found this morning, looking innocent, as if to say, "Why wouldn't I be sitting here?"

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  1. Dr. Ikezawa, and Lucas' generous and compassionate guardian---you are the best. Thank you for your kindness, and I wish Lucas the best of health.