Friday, March 25, 2011

Off the Hook

The Bay Area has been experiencing some intense weather these last few weeks. With these kind of storms comes all kinds of disruptions into our daily lives: leaks, traffic, telecommunication interference, and of course wet pets. Yesterday, here at Bishop Ranch, we felt the effects of the stormy weather when our phones went down for about an hour. It was a frustrating time, where we couldn't place outgoing calls or receive calls.  We understand how frustrating and concerning it can be when you are trying to call us to check on your pet, need some advice, or have an emergency and you can't get through. We want to let all of our clients know that in situations like this we are available through email and our chat feature on our website. Most importantly, our doors will be open and you can always just come on down- especially if it is an emergency. Rain or shine, we are here for you and your pet!

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