Friday, March 18, 2011

Great Question

This week’s Great Question is from Mike:
Should you put sunscreen on pets with fair skin if they go outside?

It is a good idea to put sunscreen on your cat or dog if they are white and go outside.  The UV rays affect your pet's skin as it does ours, especially where there is no fur.  In cats this is typically on their ears and in dogs it's usually the top of their nose.  Sunburn in dogs and cats can lead to skin cancer just like it does in people.  Protect your pet and use sunscreen for those sensitive areas.
Larry Gilman, DVM

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  1. I thought human sunscreen was bad for dogs and cats to lick? At least I've seen a lot of warnings on the Internet. Is that not true?

  2. Nancy- Baby sunscreen should be fine to use on pets. There are even some sunscreens on the market that are specially formulated for pets.