Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Exam Fee Announcement

For over 10 years we have delivered the highest standard of veterinary care.  We offer extended hours and are open 7 days a week with a staff of 16 veterinarians. Our collaborative environment means that our veterinarians are more than the sum of their parts - they regularly confer with and utilize the medical knowledge of their colleagues regarding cases. Our advanced diagnostic tools and medical equipment mean we are always prepared to save a pet’s life. From the time your pet checks in for their appointment to the follow up call after they have gone home, we deliver personalized and compassionate patient and customer care, every step of the way. We do all of this because we are passionate not only about veterinary medicine but about supporting the bond between people and their pets. 

It is our goal to always provide the most exceptional service to our clients and their pets. We have made every effort to keep our fees reasonable and affordable. We recently lowered our nighttime appointment fees to the same price as daytime appointments. In fact, we have not raised our exam fees in 6 years. We are always reluctant to raise fees but in order to continue to deliver the high caliber of care that is the foundation of our practice we will be implementing a modest  increase on our exam fees. Beginning August 5th, 2013, scheduled appointments during regular hours Monday through Saturday will increase from $49 to $54. It is important for us to keep our fees competitive while delivering the highest quality care.

When you bring your pet in for an appointment at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center our doctors work with you to help manage and care for your pet’s health. Our culture of care and collegiate cooperation means that your pet benefits from the shared knowledge and skills of a group of medical professionals. An appointment at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center means your pet is being cared for by doctors ready to handle anything from routine care and vaccinations to more serious issues such as hospitalization and 24 hour patient care, emergency surgery and blood transfusions, even diagnosing and treating cancer.  Hopefully your pet will never need such life saving measures, but we are here and prepared if you ever need us.
We know that our success has been because we have the best and most loyal pet owners in the Bay Area as our clients. We are appreciative of your understanding and are confident that you will continue to feel you are being delivered the highest value in veterinary care when you bring your pet to us. We value you and your patronage – everything we do is to provide you and your pet with the best experience possible. We hope you will continue to honor us with the privilege of caring for your pets and we will do our best to always deliver exceptional veterinary and customer service at a reasonable and affordable cost. Thank you so much for choosing us to care for your pets. 

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