Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Staff Recommendations for the Pet Care Depot

Lucy holds her Rosy's Crinkle Catnip Toy

Our staff share their favorite pet toys from the Pet Care Depot to help you out with your holiday shopping!

Erin, Social Media Director, recommends Rosy's Crinkle Catnip Toy for the cat on your life. 

"My cat Lucy absolutely LOVES her crinkle catnip toy! She goes crazy - holding it in her paws, licking it, rubbing it against her head, and bunny kicking it with her hind legs! Not only does she love it but it is super entertaining for her humans to watch her play with it!"

Rosy's actually has an entire line of cat products that are all readily available at the Pet Care Depot: Rosy's 100% Organic Kitty Grass, 100% Organic Catnip Plant, and indicdual 100% Organic Catnip packets! We're pretty sure your kitty friend will go wild for Rosy's!

The Pet Care Depot also has some fun kitty stocking stuffers. There are a variety of fun and simple cat toys for the awesome price of $0.99! You can't go wrong!

Margaret, Hospital Administrator, recommends any of the Premier Classic Sheepskin Collection toys.  

Kelp with one of her "babies"
"Kelp loves these - we call them her babies - and they are super soft as well as durable. They come in a ton of different shapes and sizes. Plus, you can toss them in the wash when they are dirty!"

Diane from the Pet Care Depot also recommends these classic toys. And if you are looking for something super tough and long lasting for your canine chewer she suggests any of the Tuffy and Mighty toys.

"These are fun, cute, and durable. They are great for dogs that love to chew."

And don't forget the large variety of comfy pet beds, stylish collars and leashes, and tasty pet treats available at the Pet Care Depot! It really is a great place to find the perfect gift for your favorite pet! What is your pet's favorite toy? We would love to hear from you!

Happy holidays from the doctors and staff at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care! 

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