Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Help Find Cleo a Home

We would like you to meet a very sweet 10-month old kitty named Cleo. Her foster family can no longer take care of her and needs to find her a loving, forever home. Currently she is staying with her friends at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care but she has an appointment with the SPCA on Saturday, September 8th.  If she meets the SPCA's criteria they will take her in and place her up for adoption. While the SPCA is a wonderful, no-kill organization we would like to try and help find Cleo a home before Saturday. The SPCA has a lot of kitties who need homes and Cleo might have to wait awhile before she is adopted.

You can read about the charming Miss Cleo below. She is a truly sweet cat; very shy and scared at first but you can tell she is a total love bug.  We have included some video of her playing as well. 

Please do not contact Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care directly about Cleo. If you are interested in learning more or arranging a meeting you can call Leslie at 925.323.9676 or email her at bodyandskin@hotmail.com.

Cleo's Bio

Hi my name is Cleo, short for Cleopatra.  I was rescued in February from an oil refinery.  I was approximately 3 months old and was being fed by some very nice workers.  In February the company decided to trap all the feral cats and that was how I was saved.

I have been living with my foster family since I was rescued.  They have taken very good care of me.  I am unable to stay with them so I am looking for my forever home.

Here are some of my special qualities.

·        I am approximately 10 months old
·        I get along with dogs
·        I have been spayed and tested and in perfect health
·        I love to be around people (once I get to know you)
·        I DO NOT use furniture as a scratching post
·        I will kiss you on the lips when you put your lips near mine and say kiss, kiss
·        I shed very little.  Hard to believe but so far I part with very little of my fur
·        I love to talk to you
·        I love to play with my mousey and chase things around
·        I can play by myself but prefer to play with you
·        I do not bite or scratch unless provoked (I am still a kitten)
·        I am an indoor cat.  I really don’t want to go outside.  

Here is a fun video of me being my playful, kitty self!

If you adopt me I do have a few belongings.  I do have my nice litter box, a new cat tree, a few toys and a sleeping bag.  I also come with a bag of food and litter. 

I would love to go home with you! 
I would love to go home with you.  If you have any questions you can call my mommy Leslie at 925.323.9676 or email her at bodyandskin@hotmail.com.

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