Friday, August 24, 2012

Lucy Needs a Home!

Help me find a home!
We received an email from our client Janet this week asking for help. Her family has rescued a dog and they need to find her a good home. Lucy is a boxer and the story of her rescue is an example of what caring and loving clients we have. Below is Janet's email to us as well as what kind of home they are looking for for Lucy, photos, and contact information.  Please read Lucy's story and help us find her a home!

Here is her story....

Four weeks ago, she was dumped at a local park near our house in the middle of the night.  The neighbor saw her the next morning and tried to catch her. They lured her with food, treats, etc. She would come close but then run away. Animal control became involved and also tried, unsuccessfully, to catch her. That was 4 weeks ago. She evaded capture for more than 3 weeks.  She lived in the park and adjacent field. She made a den in some brush under an oak tree. Neighbors left food, water, and chew toys for her. She survived a week of 90+ degree heat. Getting skinnier and starting to limp, Pieter sprung into action. Tired, sore and weak, she finally gave in to Pieter and he was able to get a leash on her. It took about 3 hours of sitting in the brush at night, slowly inching closer to her to get her - but he did and she didn't resist. As he emerged from the field with her on a leash, the local neighbors cheered as they had also been watching her plight and feeling sad she was still loose.

Fast forward 4 days. She is now with us and we have gotten to know her well.

She is very afraid of people at first and cowers but settles in pretty quickly. It appears she has been treated poorly in the past. She has become very cuddly and attached to all of us at home. She is sweet and mellow. She is gentle and will take food by hand by licking and does not get agitated if we encroach on her food bowl while eating. She whines to come in the house and just wants to be next to us, sleeping at our feet. Yesterday, she started wagging her tail, carrying her food dish around and almost being playful. 

I'm a little camera shy
We took her to the East County shelter to report her as lost. She does not have a microchip. She rode in the car fine, walked on a leash into the shelter fine and shied away from people but has not acted out. We did not want to leave her there, as it would stress her out and she has made such great progress in a few days. But, we cannot keep her much longer.

We then took her to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care (the vet we use for our myriad of animals). They said she is a boxer, has a great temperament and should not be hard to find a home for. She recently had a litter of puppies and at some point needs to be spayed. She is otherwise a young (about a year), healthy dog. They treated her with flea/tick. She has a few areas of rash on her face and feet, which are wear and tear from her road trip. Her foot burns are healing well and she no longer limps.

So - we really need to find a good place for her - either a new foster or permanent home.   

So glad to have regular meals!
She is currently at my mom's house (also here in Pleasanton). We shuffled dogs around, so she is alone with an adult. Bear hugs from my kids were too much to expect from her.  She is being crated at night and loose in the day in the house and yard. She appears to be house broken, but does not know much else. She has learned to come and sit. She is very active with her paws, asking for attention, etc. She was afraid of the dog bed and would only lie on the hard floor - but has now learned that dog beds are good.

We have little kids, a bunny, chickens, an elderly special needs dog, etc. and I don't think this is the best place for her. Our house is loud and busy. Someday, it might work for her, but for now it just adds to her stress. She has been indifferent to the kids and chickens, barks at the bunny and has growled at our old dog. It seems that a house with adults and older kids would be best. She will need a lot of TLC at first. I am not sure how she will do with other dogs.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have attached a few photos. She is afraid of the camera and puts her ears back, but when relaxed, they look much cuter :)

We would really like to make a move in the next week. 
A potential family should be gentle and kind and especially patient. They should have previous experience with dogs and understand a scared dog.  They would need to allow her inside and also they would need to be home much of the time.  A quiet household…either in the country or city.

Will you be my new family?
If you are interested in learning more about Lucy and potentially making her a part of your family please contact Janet via email at: We ask that you do not call the hospital regarding Lucy since our staff will be unable to assist you. Please restrict all inquiries to email.  


Lucy has found her new forever home! Thank you so much for everyone's interest and help!

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