Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Pet Tip!

Monday Pet Tip: Trim your pet's toe nails frequently! There are many benefits to this. First, the more frequently you handle your pet's paws and trim their nails, the more used to the process they will become. Hopefully, with regularity a squirmy or unruly pet will learn to calm down. Secondly, trimming the nails often helps keep the "quick" from growing out. The quick is the area that provides the blood supply and nerves for the toe nail. When pet's toe nails bleed it is because the quick has been nicked. It is much more difficult to avoid nicking the quick when it has grown long. Lastly, frequent toe nail trims means short nails all the time -a major plus for most pet owners! 

 P.S. If you do happen to cut into the quick when trimming your pet's nails - don't worry; accidents happen. To stop the bleeding you can keep a store bought styptic powder such as Kwik-Stop on hand or use a home remedy such as flour or baby powder. 

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