Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care's Featured Employee: Olivia Hernandez

It is not just our brilliant veterinarians that make Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center a truly great hospital. All of our employees contribute to the success of our practice and each one, in their own way, help to make our patients' lives better. We would like to take the opportunity to feature these amazing individuals and give them a moment in the spotlight, here on our blog. 

Today, our featured Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center family member is Olivia Hernandez. She is an upbeat technician and shift coordinator who has worked here for over nine years! Just the other day Olivia took the time to answer some questions for Communications Coordinator Erin Selby.

Erin: Why do you work at BRVC? What do you like best about working at BRVC?

Olivia: I came to BRVC 9 years ago when I had just recently graduated from Veterinary Technician school and was very green to the Veterinary world. I knew I needed experience and thought this place would be great for this because of its size. Little did I know that this place would steal my heart and let me grow in my career and achieve my passion. That’s one of the great things about BRVC, you can grow so much here and not feel, even after 9 years, that you are stuck at a plateau with your career.

E: Who was your first pet? Tell us about your current pets.

O: I have always been a cat person and have had 5 cats total during my life. My first furry child was “Pepper” no pet will of course ever compare! As of right now I have 3 cats Leche, Angelo and Sachi who I love and adore. Just recently my boyfriend and I rescued 2 Chihuahua puppies, a girl named Sabina and a boy named Bobby.  I never thought I’d be so attached to dogs, but these little boogers stole my heart and now I can’t figure out who rules more, cats or dogs?

E: What is your most memorable BRVC moment?

O: There have been so many wonderful moments I can’t decide. My first C-section reviving puppies, my first solo tooth extraction, my first emergency are just some to name a few. That is the great thing about working in this field, you learn something new every day.

E: Do you have a patient that is special to you? Why?

O: All the patients I work with have a special place in my heart. But of course there are those very special patients that you will never forget because they have left a “paw print” on your heart. For me, Henry Carr and Norman Hinkly were those patients. They were both my very first experience with chemotherapy pets. I will never forget their bravery and upbeat personalities during all their chemotherapy sessions. I think I was more upset and sad than they were. I was supposed to be the one holding it together for them and reassuring them everything will be ok. But Norman and Henry would come in for their treatments as happy as can be like, “Come on let’s fight this cancer!”.  Henry with his hugs and always dancing in his dog run and Norman with his cheerful, very unique bark- they just made my experience better and for that I am thankful.

E: What do you like to do outside of work?

O: I really enjoy reading, I just got the kindle and OMG it is amazing! I highly recommend it. I also just got the new iphone and I am completely addicted, if you don’t have one you’re totally missing out.  I love shopping, what girl doesn’t? I’m really into anything Hello Kitty at the moment. I just recently got back from the “Happiest Place on Earth” (Disneyland) and I will be going again this summer. I can’t seem to get enough of the place; if I could live there I would, in Sleeping Beauty’s castle of course!

Thank you so much for sharing with us Olivia, and thanks for helping make Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center an incredible place to work!

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